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The PANAFCON is a consultancy that focuses on investing in and developing the continent of Africa as well as the empowerment and galvanization of Africans and African descendants throughout the entire world. Understanding the critical role that a strong Africa plays in the empowerment and galvanization of all Africans and descendants of the continent, The PANAFCON seeks to serve its clients by offering them advising, networking, and negotiating services per specified interests in what emerging markets in Africa have to offer commercial and trade interests within the continent and throughout the world. Thus, we seek to establish new and develop existing commercial relationships between Africans in different regions of Africa, between continental Africans and Africans of the African Diaspora, and between Africa and non-African entities that are committed to entering into mutually beneficial relationships with the continent of Africa.


With the diversity of resources and investment potential that the continent of Africa has, the scope of our activities is wide-ranging with a commitment to serve our clients' interests no matter how small or great their capacity is. We pride ourselves on being able to find solutions for entities like small scale farmers who may be looking to increase production efficiency for higher profits as well as being able to find solutions for entities that are as large and established as major steel manufacturing corporations that may be seeking to start large scale commercial mining projects.

We serve our clients with a highly skilled, talented, and experienced team of consultants that operate throughout the continent of Africa and the entire globe. We have offices in Liberia, South Africa, Uganda, and Zambia which enable us to successfully pursue interests on behalf of our clients in every region of the continent of Africa as well as other regions of the world that boast large numbers of members of the African Diaspora. Further, we have affiliate relationships in Arabia, Asia, North America, and Europe which enable us to successfully develop global solutions for our clientele. 

The PANAFCON started out with the vision of its Lead Consultant, S'mangaliso, a Gospel preacher and Diasporan African. As a descendant of Africa and American slavery, S'mangaliso has had a drive for Africa since childhood. In 2003 while still a seminarian, S'mangaliso traveled to the continent of Africa for the very first time. His first visit lasted 6 months, and during this period S'mangaliso spent time in Mozambique, South Africa, Swaziland, and Zimbabwe. While traveling to these countries in 2003, S'mangaliso witnessed the need and potential for growth and development of the continent of Africa. During the next few years S'mangaliso would return to Africa several times preaching the Gospel and increasing his missionary efforts in different regions of the continent. During these same years S'mangaliso also worked and spent time in different manufacturing nations in Asia. While in Asia, S'mangaliso learned of how a multitude of manufacturing and trading entities had great interest in pursuing commercial activities in Africa.


These experiences gave S'mangaliso a vision to make a paradigmatic shift in how Africa is viewed as a place in need of aid to viewing Africa as a place in need of empowerment. Further, S'mangaliso realized that Africa is a place in which empowerment can and should come from Africans and descendants of Africa developing sustainable solutions for the continent. 

With this mind frame and knowledge of the manufacturing and trading entities that have great interest in doing business with Africa, S'mangaliso founded The PANAFCON (initially The Pan-Africanist Consultancy) in Monrovia, Liberia in 2010 as an effort to practically address many of the social, psychological, and, most important, economic challenges facing Africans of the mainland of Africa as well as Africans of the Diaspora. From that time in 2010, The PANFCON has grown to have experienced analysts and consultants with offices in South Africa, Zambia, and Uganda consulting on projects and commercial activities for clients throughout the continent and various regions of the world.


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